Municipality of Oberthal

Oberthal was already known in the Middle Ages from the trade in red ochre, from a rock that contains iron ore, which shipbuilders used as sealing material. A painting school still cultivates these traditions by offering red ochre painting courses. Only three sites where red ochre exists are known in the world. Famous painters used red ochre, like Leonardo da Vinci, who used it in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Rubens and Michelangelo also used it as a material for drawing.

Beyond art, the beautiful forest landscape, with its well-developed hiking trails, is a highlight of the municipality. The "Rötelsteinpfad" premium hiking trail takes hikers through the high moor landscape with its "Oberthaler Bruch", which is characterised by unique flora and fauna. With its picturesque ponds and water areas, the wetland has been a protected area since 1984. On hikes through its distinctive nature, hikers encounter mythical places like "Wildfrauhöhle" or "Teufelskanzel".

The "Road of Sculptures", which leads directly past Oberthal, provides an excellent link to art and nature. The sculptures are intended to inspire the hiker to contemplate and think. The Stone Way of the Cross in Güdesweiler is a witness in stone to the devotion of believers.

Between St. Wendel and Lake Bostalsee, you can experience examples of contemporary art along an approximately 19 km long open-air gallery. In combination with the sculptures, this unusually charming landscape offers hikers an extraordinary experience.
The origin of the Road of Sculptures was in the sculpture symposium on the heights between St. Wendel and Baltersweiler, which took place in...


In its original form, Saint Valentine's Chapel was built between 1761 and 1764 by the hermit Johann Nonninger. According to legend, the reason it was erected in the first place was because of the demise of a young Jew. As a Koblenz skipper, Nonninger was to blame for the boy's drowning and built the chapel in the hope of finding inner peace again. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and...



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