Veldenz Castle in Nohfelden

    Wilhelm Bossel von Stein built Veldenz Castle in 1285. Today, only the castle keep is still visible, which is both a monument of significance beyond the region and the principal landmark of Nohfelden. The castle was first mentioned in writing in 1286. In 1466, the Counts of Zweibrücken inherited the castle and used it as a hunting lodge. In 1477, a few years later, Nohfelden became the seat of a senior official. During the Thirty Years' War, part of the castle was burned down and confiscated as national property during the French Revolution. In 1804, the Cetto family from St. Wendel bought the remains of the castle and used them as a quarry. The 20-metre-high keep has been extensively restored and now serves as a viewing tower from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Nahe Valley.


    An der Burg
    66625 Nohfelden

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    Gemeinde Nohfelden

    An der Burg
66625 Nohfelden

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