Nepomuk Chapel in Gonnesweiler

    The old 18th century Nepomuk Chapel belonged to the ensemble that made up Gonnesweiler Castle, which was built around 1730 and destroyed during the French Revolution. As a palace chapel, it survived the French Revolution, but fell victim to the wave of modernisation in the post-war period. It was demolished in 1970. Reconstruction of the chapel in its original form came about through civic engagement. Weddings can also be held in the chapel between the months of May and September.


    Gonnesweiler town centre on the left behind the fairground
    66625 Nohfelden-Gonnesweiler

    Further information

    Gemeinde Nohfelden
    An der Burg
    66625 Nohfelden
    Phone: +49 6852 885-0

    Opening hours

    All year round