Menhir near Walhausen

    The “Hinkelstein” near Walhausen is an approx. 4,000 to 5,000-year-old menhir, which lies on the "Vor Hinkelsborn" boundary at Walhausener Bann. The 15-tonne stone dates from Neolithic times and is one of the very few testemonies of the earliest settlement in Sankt Wendel County. Two other cult stones exist in Saarland in addition to this menhir: the Gollenstein menhir near Blieskastel and the Spillenstein menhir in Rentrisch. In Walhausen, the folk tale still holds true today that a golden carriage is buried under the 15-tonne stone containing the war chest of Attila the Hun.

    The menhir and Hinkelborn invite hikers to take a leisurely break on their way to Lake Bostalsee.


    Between Walhausen and Steinberg-Deckenhardt

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