Apothecary poisonous and medicinal herb garden in Türkismühle

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    At 4000 square metres, Dr. Potempa's poisonous medicinal herb garden at Türkismühle Mill is probably the largest private garden of its kind. Over 400 plants, trees and shrubs used for medicinal purposes are grown here.

    The pharmacist offers guided tours throughout the year. The tour through the garden consists of detailed explanations of the plants regarding their effects and side effects, and the production of teas and home medicines, such as tinctures, ointments, gel juices, followed by a cosy sit down by the garden's bee house or, in case of bad weather, in the garden house (room for approx. 50 - 60 people).

    Information and appointments

    Apothekerin Ulrike Potempa
    Email: ulrike.potempa@gmx.de
    Phone: + 49 6852 802 744 or +49 160 96258433

    Opening hours

    Visit only possible as part of a guided tour. Suitable for wheelchair users.
    Length: Approx. 1.5  -2 hrs,
    Costs: €10 per person

    Meeting point at the car park next to the herb garden
    An der Kupferschmelz 6
    66625 Nohfelden