Municipality of Namborn

Traces of the first settlement in the municipality of Namborn date back to the Celto-Roman period. Liebenburg Castle was first mentioned in a document in 1220 and is now a landmark and the most important sight of the municipality. The observation tower offers you wonderful views of the region.

Another highlight is the Road of Sculptures that leads from St. Wendel to Lake Bostalsee. The first sculpture symposium in 1971/72 took place at Baltersweiler Höhe. 17 artists from six countries met and created a total of 14 sculptures. The Road of Sculptures has since been continued as the Road of Peace from Normandy to Moscow.

Signposted cycling and hiking trails, including the premium-hiking trail Schmuggler-Pfad (“smugglers' trail”) offer a variety of opportunities for activity. The "St. Wendeler Schleife" loop is a section of the Saarland circular hiking route. A dense network of cycle paths with connections to the Wendelinus-Radweg cycle path offers interesting opportunities for leisure activity.

Liebenburg Castle with its tower and the remains of its wall on Schlossberg near Eisweiler is the landmark of the municipality of Namborn. "Castle Lievenberc" was built at the end of the 12th century by Bliesgaugrafen von Castel by order of the diocese of Verdun. The castle was first mentioned in documents in 1220, when the Bishop of Verdun appointed the knight "Boemund de Lievenberc" as...


Between St. Wendel and Lake Bostalsee, you can experience examples of contemporary art along an approximately 19 km long open-air gallery. In combination with the sculptures, this unusually charming landscape offers hikers an extraordinary experience.
The origin of the Road of Sculptures was in the sculpture symposium on the heights between St. Wendel and Baltersweiler, which took place in...



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