Liebenburg Castle in Eisweiler

    Liebenburg Castle with its tower and the remains of its wall on Schlossberg near Eisweiler is the landmark of the municipality of Namborn. "Castle Lievenberc" was built at the end of the 12th century by Bliesgaugrafen von Castel by order of the diocese of Verdun. The castle was first mentioned in documents in 1220, when the Bishop of Verdun appointed the knight "Boemund de Lievenberc" as castle guard. The castle came into the possession of the archbishops of Trier in around 1400, who pledged the castle to solvent noble families due to a lack of money. From 1677 to 1696, the castle was pledged in ownership to the lords of Sötern. It was during this period that the castle was finally destroyed.

    Today, the castle puts on costumed tours featuring "Ludwig von Sötern" and "Baldemar von Odenbach". Couples can also book a romantic wedding ceremony at the castle.

    From the castle tower, you have a wide view of the surrounding area of Sankt Wendel County.


    Zur Burg
    66640 Namborn-Eisweiler

    Further information

    Gemeinde Namborn
    Schloßstraße 13
    66640 Namborn
    Phone: +49 6857 9003-0

    Opening hours

    All year round

    Guided tours

    On certain dates or by appointment via +49 6857 9003 22