Municipality of Freisen

The municipality of Freisen is located in the north-eastern part of Sankt Wendel County. At almost 470 m above sea level, Freisen is the highest village in Saarland. Anyone interested in exploring the history of the region will find evidence of the times of Celtic and Romans settlements, such as the Mithras Monument. Furthermore, a small bronze figure of a horse known as the "Freisener Pferdchen" was discovered in a Celtic prince's grave and a larger copy of the find was erected in the marketplace in memory of this.

The municipality of Freisen is a real Eldorado for mineral lovers. Visitors not only get to admire colourful agates, numerous amethysts, jasper and many more minerals in the two mineral museums.

The municipality of Freisen also has a lot on offer for active people. Well-developed hiking and cycling trails such as the Fritz-Wunderlich trail or the Weiselberg Gipfeltour summit tour, classified by the German Hiking Institute as a premium hiking trail, allow you to enjoy unspoilt nature and explore attractive sights at the same time.

The farmhouse in Reitscheid was built in 1862 and had total of 200 m² of usable space.
The clearly structured facade with its windows and doors framed in natural stone is typical for a south-west German farmhouse. A large courtyard, a garden and expansive meadows can be found in front of the two-story residential house with basement. South-west German farmhouses, as well as the...


The Mineral Museum in Freisen exhibits almost exclusively minerals from the surrounding area. In particular, agates in many colours and grains are the main focus of this collection, which is considered unique in Saarland.


The mineralogical museum in Oberkirchen was established as a private museum in 1948 by Augustinus Stein, a passionate collector from Oberkirchen. Most of the finds he acquired came from the region. Today, visitors can admire more than 1,500 stones from over 90 different types of rock. The most valuable exhibits include agates such as "setting sun", jasper, crystals, quartz, amethyst and...


Weitere Informationen zum Weiselbergbad Oberkirchen gibt es auf der Webseite der Gemeinde Freisen.


Situated in a valley near Freisen, the wildlife park is home to some 400 animals including red and fallow deer, endangered goat and sheep breeds, wapiti deer, mouflon, Barbary macaques and raccoons. Two elk from Sweden also count among the residents of the wildlife park. On the 1.8 km long circular trail, visitors can also see the animals up close - some of which roam free - and feed them.




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