Mineralogical Museum in Oberkirchen

    The mineralogical museum in Oberkirchen was established as a private museum in 1948 by Augustinus Stein, a passionate collector from Oberkirchen. Most of the finds he acquired came from the region. Today, visitors can admire more than 1,500 stones from over 90 different types of rock. The most valuable exhibits include agates such as "setting sun", jasper, crystals, quartz, amethyst and aquamarine. Even experts were surprised by the variety of gemstones found in the surrounding area.

    Café Edelstein, which is also located in the Mineralogical Museum Oberkirchen, offers home-made cakes on Sunday . The weekly "Gudd-Zweck" charity events, such as the "Gudd-Gess-Sause", extreme barbecue or the “Currywurst-Festival” attract numerous guests to the museum.



    Hauptstraße 26
    66629 Freisen-Oberkirchen

    Further information

    Gemeinde Freisen
    Schulstraße 60
    66629 Freisen
    Phone: +49 6855 9744

    Opening hours

    Every Sunday from 2 pm - 5 pm and by appointment.