Mia Münster House with St. Wendel Museum

    The Mia Münster House houses the town and district library.
    The library presents itself as a modern media centre. In addition to conventional print media, it houses audio-visual and electronic media. A total of 50,000 items of media are available to library users, ranging from novels and non-fiction books, to encyclopaedias, dictionaries, newspapers and magazines and games and information brochures. The town museum is located on the top floor. There you can admire a permanent exhibition by the artist Mia Münster who came from St. Wendel and lived from 1894 to 1970. The museum presents some 40 paintings from the artist as well as numerous works and objects of regional art and cultural history. The historical section contains objects from the Roman period and a number of paintings from the Baroque period showing Saint Wendelin, the popular saint and namesake of the town. The main theme, however, is the history of the 18th and 19th centuries, illustrated by pastel drawings by Nikolaus Lauer (1753-1824) and works of art by Philipp Jakob Riotte (1776-1856).


    In der Mott
    66606 St. Wendel
    Phone: +49 6851 809-1945
    Internet: www.museum-wnd.de

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    Phone: +49 6851 809-1945

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