'Vicus Wareswald' Roman excavations

    Near Tholey, an important Gallo-Roman settlement was established in the 1st. century AD at the intersection of the two important Roman roads from Metz to Mainz and from Trier to Strasbourg. The settlement at the foot of Mount Schaumberg was approximately one kilometre long. The economic crisis, which began in the 3rd century and lasted for a long time, as well as plundering campaigns by Germanic tribes were mainly responsible for the demise of settlement in the Wareswald. The Vicus was abandoned as early as in 400 AD and gradually decayed.

    Significant items, such as coins, jewellery, fine ceramics and bronze statues have already been found during the excavations by TERREX gGmbH. Even existence of underfloor heating and bath rooms is evident. The remains of a Gallo-Roman temple have been completely excavated and can now be visited. The prosperity of some families of the settlement is also evident in their monumental tombs, which had been built along the ancient street. A visualisation of the approximately 12-metre-high arrow tomb can be viewed on site.

    However, those who would like to take part in the excavations and not just marvel at the rooms and the finds that have re-emerged, also have the chance to become actively involved.


    Varuswaldstraße between Tholey and Oberthal
    66636 Tholey

    Further information

    Gemeinde Tholey
    Im Kloster 1
    66636 Tholey
    Phone: +49 6853 508-0


    TERREX gGmbH, Grabungsprojekt Wareswald
    Phone +49 6853 85407-49

    Opening hours

    All year round

    Guided tours

    Every 1st Sunday from May to October.
    Meeting point: 11am at the Wareswald car park between Tholey, Oberthal and Marpingen (access between Tholey and Theley)
    and by appointment via kp.henz@terrexggmbh.de