Hofgut Imsbach Estate in Tholey

    The history of the settlement in Imsbach dates back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. It was first mentioned in writing in 1310. After the French Revolution, the estate passed naturally and politically into the ownership of the Oldenburg Principality of Birkenfeld in 1817. From that point onwards, Imsbach belonged to the municipal district of Selbach in the municipality of Nohfelden.

    The estate experienced its heyday in the 19th century, when Napoleon Bonaparte gifted it to the cavalry officer Colonel Lapointe. He used the estate for farming. Following Colonel Lapointe's death in 1855, his grandson Louis Albert inherited the property, which remained family-owned until 1930. The French owner was buried in the nearby chapel next to his wife and grandfather.

    The structure of the farm and the buildings that can be seen today date back to the period of the Lapointe family. It was not until 1983 that the estate was listed and extensively restored in the following years. The estate chapel and its crypt, situated on a small hill, have also been restored, providing a dignified setting for the coffins of the Lapointe family.

    Surrounded by a landscape conservation farm and landscape park, Hofgut Imsbach Estate is the starting point for many hiking tours, including the "Tafeltour Offizierspfad Imsbach" premium trail and the Imsbach Promenade.


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