Wendelinus Chapel in St. Wendel

    Wendelinuskapelle (Wendelinus Chapel) was built in 1755 on behalf of the bailiff and electoral court councillor Franz Ernst D'Hame. Builder Johannes Schubmehl built the chapel in a scenic location at the foot of Bosenberg hill. It is assumed that the chapel was designed by Augustinian brother Josef Walter. Worth seeing in particular are the Baroque altar and the open bell tower above the gate. Legend has it that the chapel stands where Saint Wendelin once lived as a hermit. Many pilgrims still visit the chapel today to drink at the spring. The legend goes on to say that the spring sprang out of the ground at the precise spot where Saint Wendelin once drove his shepherd’s staff into the ground during a long and distressful drought.


    At the top end of Kapellenweg
    66606 St. Wendel

    Further information

    Tourist-Info St. Wendel
    Rathausplatz 1
    Ground floor on the left
    66606 St. Wendel
    Phone: +49 6851 809-1913

    Opening hours

    All year round from 9 am to 6 pm