Saint Valentine's Chapel and stone Way of the Cross in Güdesweiler

    In its original form, Saint Valentine's Chapel was built between 1761 and 1764 by the hermit Johann Nonninger. According to legend, the reason it was erected in the first place was because of the demise of a young Jew. As a Koblenz skipper, Nonninger was to blame for the boy's drowning and built the chapel in the hope of finding inner peace again. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Valentine.

    The fountain next to the chapel was a place of pilgrimage for many pilgrims in the Middle Ages. The "Gute Brunnen" (Good Well) is a spring situated right next to the chapel whose pure spring water was used as a remedy for eye diseases in the Middle Ages.

    The stone Way of the Cross leads today from the Catholic Church in Güdesweiler to Saint Valentine's Chapel. Along the way, you can see 14 valuable stone shrines which were made in 1808 in the Benedictine Abbey in Tholey, and


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