Hochwalddom in Nonnweiler

    The Catholic parish church of Nonnweiler, also popularly known as "Hochwalddom", was built between 1900 and 1902 in the neo-late Gothic style by the Mainz Cathedral architect L. Becker. The main entrance is decorated with various types of nails, all of which were produced in nearby nail smith workshops. The Hubertus Horn and the Hubertus Key from the 12th century can be viewed in the church. Until 1828, bite wounds from rabid animals were burned out with the Hubertus Key. When humans became infected with rabies, even their wounds were treated with the branding iron. A 'Hubertus Cult' developed as a result.

    Worth seeing is the high altar carved from wood, on which the history of the salvation of the Old and New Testament and the most important events in the life of Saint Hubert are clearly depicted.

    The foundation of the parish of Nonnweiler dates back to Hetti the Bishop of Trier (814-847). The monastery was dissolved in 1016. It is likely that the first church was already built in the 9th century.


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