Basilica of St. Wendelin in St. Wendel

    The Basilica of St. Wendelin (Wendelinusbasilika) in St. Wendel is widely visible as a town landmark. The continued movement to worship Saint Wendelin led to it being built as a late Gothic hall church in the 14th century. The driving force for this was the Elector Balduin von Trier, who acquired the town in 1327 and had it developed into an economic and cultural centre. The east choir was finished first in the middle of the 14th century and was used as a separate church room. The entrance to the east choir can still be recognised today by the door in the middle section of the wall. It was not until around 1400 that the western tower complex was built. The central nave and southern atrium, which served as an assembly room, were completed around 1460. The chest with Saint Wendelin’s remains was transferred from the Magdalene Chapel to the Basilica on Whit Monday in 1360.

    Particularly worth seeing is the stone pulpit, one of the last few in existence in Germany. It bears the coat of arms of the patron Nikolaus of Kues (crab and cardinal's hat). The raised sarcophagus containing the bones of Saint Wendelin is situated behind the altar. Pilgrims still walk under the sarcophagus today. The twelve apostles can be seen on the sides of the sarcophagus. The empty tomb of Saint Wendelin, created in around 1370, stands in the middle of the choir. The Basilica is considered to be the most beautiful sacred building in the Saarland due to its numerous vaulted paintings depicting plants and animals. Baroque figures depicting the guild saints are situated on the walls of the side aisles. The most valuable work of art in the church is the burial group, which was created around 1480. Saint Wendelin is the patron saint of the environment and animals.
    The Basilica of St. Wendelin is still considered an important pilgrimage church and a place where events for pilgrims and organ concerts take place all year round. A 15 km long pilgrim's trail between St. Wendel and Tholey starts at the Basilica of St. Wendelin.


    Am Fruchtmarkt
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