Peterberg Observatory

    Marvel at the white ice poles on Mars, or the Moon's craters and the rings around Saturn along with countless nebulae and galaxies – in clear weather this is possible on the 584 m-high Peterberg. This is where the observatory of the Saarland Association of Amateur Astronomers and all interested "star observers" is located.

    The observatory is equipped with a 5-metre observation dome housing a 20-inch reflector telescope, the Peterberg half-metre telescope and a 6-inch diameter lens telescope. Another 3.2-metre dome houses two 5-inch refractors and a special solar telescope. 

    Public lectures on topics relating to astronomy as well as guided tours are held every first Saturday of the month. Visitors receive an introduction to the fascinations of the universe  and, on a clear day, they are offered a view of the vastness of the universe. The "Sun, Moon and stars" are also presented as a subject to children and school classes in an interesting and lively manner.


    Peterbergstraße 70
    66620 Nonnweiler
    Phone: +49 6873 91556

    Opening hours

    Lectures take place every 1st Saturday of the month
    April to November: at 8 pm
    December: at 7 pm

    Winter break: mid-December to end of March

    Individual group arrangements on request