Nonnweiler Talsperre water reservoir

    The Primstalsperre dam in Nonnweiler was completed in 1982 and is the largest water reservoir in the region. With a total surface area of 96.4 hectares, this lake is somewhat smaller than Lake Bostalsee, but has a capacity of around 20 million cubic metres due to its 60-metre depth. The lake is fed by two streams, the Prims and the Altbach, which both merge at the dam. The two Hunsrück streams have excellent water quality, which was a prerequisite for the original planning of a water reservoir for northern Saarland and Hermeskeil on the Rhineland-Palatinate side. Today, the water is used for the low water amelioration of the Prims, among other things. Water is also fed into the River Blies through a pipe.

    The dam is 306 metres long and 62 metres high. It is 290 metres wide at the base and 10 meters wide at the top. In terms of the the visible construction systems, you can see the water extraction tower, the funnel-shaped flood relief system and at the outlet, the two stilling basins.

    The Nonnweiler dam is idyllically embedded into the high forest landscape and a place of tranquillity. Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park, which is also home to the Celtic Ring Wall of Otzenhausen, is just a stone's throw away. An eleven-kilometre circular route leads around the reservoir and is a meeting point for hikers and cyclists! Well worth seeing is the reconstructed "Züscher Hammer", once the largest ironworks in Hunsrück.

    The 5.9 km long planetary hiking trail forms part of the circular hiking trail around the reservoir. The planets in our solar system can be found replicated here on a scale of 1:1 billion. Information boards next to the models provide explanations about their dimensions and the interplay of the Sun, Moon and Earth to visitors. It's a real experience for the whole family!

    The artwork on the dam was created by Saarland artist Paul Schneider. The sculptural represents a reference to the Celts who worshipped the elements of water, air, fire and earth. The artwork is aligned to the course of the sun. Its red colour is reminiscent of fire.


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