Mount Schaumberg with Schaumbergturm Tower, the Sky Tent and Schaumberg Alm restaurant in Tholey

    At a height of 569 m, Mount Schaumberg is the 'local mountain' in Saarland, and a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and those looking to relax. Schaumberg Tower, the striking 37.5 m high observation tower, is dedicated to Franco-German friendship. A panoramic lift takes guests to the viewing platform, which is also designed to be barrier free. The tower provides a wonderful view of the surroundings towards the Hunsrück heights, the foothills of the Lorraine escarpment landscape and across Saarland towards Saarbrucken. Plaques etched with place names and cardinal points on the railing help visitors with orientation and the exploration of the landscape. Two exhibitions are on display inside the tower: the "Summit Meeting" exhibition focuses on Franco-German relations and the Schaumberg itself. Another exhibition entitled "COzwo and Co" is devoted to the topic of climate protection. A viewing platform, a picnic area and a wishing tree can be found on the plateau. The "Herzweg", a 3 km long circular hiking path at an altitude of 500 m, offers walkers wonderful views of the surrounding landscape time and again. The seven-sided Africa Chapel is situated on the route. The pietà, which prisoners of war brought to Tholey on foot after their release from North Africa, is definitely worth seeing.

    The "Himmelszelt" sky tent
    The Schaumberg also offers another attraction: at the beginning of the 2018 event season, the "Himmelszelt" sky tent was inaugurated and is now available for events and picnics for hiking groups, especially in poor weather. The transparent dome construction has a diameter of 16 metres and is eight metres high. The "Himmelszelt" sky tent offers space for up to 250 people in an area of almost 200 square meters depending on the seating arrangements. The "Himmelszelt" sky tent was first erected in 2011 at the state garden show in Norderstedt (Schleswig-Holstein) and remained there for nine months. After dismantling in Norderstedt, it was erected again in Rehburg-Loccum in Lower Saxony and used there from 2013 to October 2016.

    Schaumberg Alm Restaurant
    The Schaumberg Alm has now reopened after a redesign. The new operator has added an alpine chalet in southern Bavarian style over a 600 square metre area, which can accommodate up to 800 people (200 indoors and 600 outdoors). An original southern Bavarian chalet made of mature timber has been added to the existing building in the form of an extension. This has been lovingly decorated in a modern Bavarian style. Tables and benches made of solid wood invite you to stay. A separate dining room, which was integrated into the ensemble as a 'panorama room', is completely covered in greenery. The walls are covered with real Icelandic moss, and the furniture and décor are also predominantly in shades of green. In nice weather, the newly designed beer garden is great place to relax.

    The Schaumberg Alm is open from Sundays to Thursdays between 10.30 am and 10 pm.
    Friday and Saturdays from 10:30 am  to "open ending".

    Please contact Schaumberg Alm restaurant directly to make reservations etc.:
    Phone: +49 6853 96 18 333
    Further information is available at


    Zum Schaumbergturm 1
    66636 Tholey
    Phone: +49 6853 5020090

    Further Informationen

    Gemeinde Tholey
    Im Kloster 1
    66636 Tholey
    Phone: +49 6853 508-0

    Opening hours

    Opening times for Schaumbergturm tower and "Summit Meeting" and "COzwo and Co" exhibitions:

    16 March to 1 November:

    Viewing platform: 10 am – 9 pm
    Exhibitions: Closed

    Tuesday to Sunday and bank holidays:
    Viewing platform: 10 am – 9 pm
    Exhibitions: 10 am – 6 pm

    2 November to 15 March:
    Viewing platform: daily from 11 am – 5 pm
    Exhibitions: Sundays and bank holidays from 11 am – 5 pm

    Tours for the public:
    1st Sunday of the month at 2 pm
    Price: €2 + €1 admission to "Schaumbergturm" Tower

    Group tours and adventure tours for children/young persons

    Traditional tour of Schaumberg plateau and "Schaumbergturm" Tower including viewing platform and exhibitions
    Group price: €40 (guided tour) plus €1/per person admission to "Schaumbergturm" Tower

    "Romans, knights & travellers. Why did they need a tower on Schaumberg?"
    Children learn about the Schaumberg of today and yesteryear through the various functions of the towers built there. They get see the how it looks today with its emphasis on friendship, imagine how it looked previously as a defence tower and find themselves transformed into "living pictures" on the mountain.
    Length: 1 hour; Age group: Years 1-5; Group price: €40

    "Of hot lava, lofty towers and great friendships. Mount Schaumberg in Tholey”

    Children and young people learn about the history of Mount Schaumberg based on the motif ‘what grows on Mount Schaumberg?’. The tour discusses how the mountain was formed, its various towers and the interpersonal relationships that characterise the appearance of ‘Saarland's very own mountain'.
    Length: 1 hour; Age group: Years 6-8; Group price: €40

    Information about the tours: Municipality of Tholey: +49 6853 508-66