Prices Bostalsee 2021

All prices stated in EURO.

Holiday 14 days55,00
Year children/teenagers (from 6 years, without parking)65,00
Year (> 18, incl. season parking)140,00
Day ticket kids and teens (from 6 years )

and students, people in civilian/military services with id card

Day ticket adults (> 18 years)4,00

Ticket ten visists kids/teens (> 6 years)
and students, people in civilian/military services with id Card


Ten visits adults (> 18 y)


School classes with teachers (per person)                               1,50
Season ticket for pupils, students, trainees, people doing voluntary service with valid ID (only available at the lake administration)21,00
Family season ticket with at least one child (up to 17 years of age), with valid ID (only available at the lake administration)54,00
Season ticket adults (> 18 y), with valid ID (only available at the lake administration)42,00

Electro boat

1 hour18,00
1/2 hour11,00

Pedal boat, rowing boat

1 hour10,00
1/2 hour6,00


Pedal boat

1 hour9,95  

lectric boat

1 hour24,00


1 hour24,50

GoGo-Boat (electric)

1 hour27,50                                                                      

Parking spaces P1 - P5 of Freizeitzentrum Bostalsee

Free first quarter o.a. hour (short time parking)
Get tickets at the automat and show them behind the front shield. The automates can't change money, please bring the money suitable für the automates.

From 1.4. bis 15.10.,liable to charges from 9:00-20:00

Minimum charge1,00
more than 3 hours = day ticket4,00

From 16.10. bis 31.3.
, liable to charges from 10:00-17:00

Minimum charge1,00
more than 3 hours = day ticket4,00
Year parking cars; (12 month)40,00

Campervans (year-round)

Campervans one night (parking lots P1 - P5)


Campervans parking lot campground Bostalsee P6, one night12,00
Campervan season ticket (15/03 - 15/10)100,00

Without depot

Season (incl. Parlking) 125,00


Day incl. depot or mooring12,50

Month mooring
Basic (< 12,0 sqm)92,00
+ every 0,5 sqm4,50
Month depot46,00

Season morring incl. parking
Basic (< 12,0 sqm)430,00
+ every 0,5 sqm12,00
Season deport on land218,00

with winter depot
Month 30,00
Winter period (16.10.-14.03.)126,00

Trailer parking 
Month 30,00
Season (15.03.-15.10.)



Eectricity per kwh

Transponder Chip Sailors5,00
Without storage
Day 1 board8,00
Month 1 board30,00
Season 1 board (incl. seasonal car parking)100,00

Season 1 board (incl. seasonal caravan parking, valid caravan parking space Surferbasis Gonnesweiler)  


With storage/depot

Day 1 board9,00
month 1 board50,00
Season 1 board190,00
Winter depot (16.10.-14.03.)40,00

Deposit Transponder storage room

Day ticket3,00
month ticket12,00
Whole season35,00

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Prices Bostalsee 2021


All prices stated in EURO. The standard business terms of Leisure Center Bostalsee apply. 

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