Camping Bostalsee - General Information

St. Wendeler Land is situated in the heart of the Naturpark Saar-Hunsrück and its lakes make it one of the most beautiful regions in the Saarland.

The 5-star campsite by the lake "Bostalsee" is open all year round and has 438 spaces for caravans (à 100 m2), individual and group tent pitches, caravans for hire and numerous other tent pitches. Since july 2015 we offer new units for renting especially for families, the fairy tale houses. Here families can spend time in a special atmosphere.

You can choose from our basic pitches or comfort pitches with water supply and waste water disposal facilities. All of the pitches are equipped with electric hook-ups.

Thick and dense hedges created from bushes and trees around the individual inlets do not only provide shade, but also the necessary privacy for peace and relaxation.

Our family tent pitches are parcelled out and can be reserved to meet your requirements. The tent pitches feature both electric hook-up points and a tap connection for fresh water, thereby providing the necessary convenience and comfort for our guests. However, it is not only the way in which the site has been successfully divided up that makes Bostalsee campsite an oasis for individualists and fresh air enthusiasts; in addition to a new building with sanitary facilities, there are also two refurbished toilet and shower blocks.

Bostalsee with the nearby bathing beach (approx. 5 minutes’ walk from the campsite) offers everything the hearts of water sport enthusiasts could desire: swimming, sailing and surfing, diving, boating and much, much more.

A well-signposted network of cycle paths and hiking trails provides outdoor sports fans with numerous tours ranging from easy to rather more demanding. Nordic walkers can keep fit on newly-marked paths offering all levels of difficulty.

We also attach great importance to the issue of environmental protection at the campsite. We have been participating in the environmental management scheme "ECOCAMPING” since 2007.


Total area

14 ha

Caravan pitches

  • 100 tourist-pitches à 100 qm, partly affixed and also suitable for dormobiles
  • 24 comfort pitches with waste water and fresh water connections

For rent

  • 3 caravans for hire
  • 2 tents for hire
  • 5 Units for renting for families, the fairy tale houses


10 hardstanding pitches outside the campsite

Tent pitches

  • Electric hook-ups and tap connections for fresh water available on all pitches 
  • 1 site for young people with around 50 pitches
  • 4 family sites, with a total of 57 pitches
  • Family site »Tal der Büffel« (Buffalo Valley) not divided into lots
  • 1 club site, group site with refuge and small room with use of a refrigerator 
  • 1 make-shift field without electric hook-ups for last-minute campers
  • 1 field for cyclists is always available
  • all tent pitches, with the exception of the family tent pitches, are not divided into lots!

Sanitary facilities

  • 1 heated sanitary block with disabled bathroom facilities, two family bathrooms* and washing facilities specially designed for children
  • 1 heated block with disabled bathroom facilities 
  • 1 block without heating (open from May to September)
  • 1 sanitary block for the group and teen tent place 

* A family bathroom is a separted bathroom which you and your family can use exclusively during your stay. The bathroom includes a toilet, a lavatory and a shower. You can make a reservation for this bathroom. Please find the prices in our actual price list.

Other facilities

  • Recreation room
  • Utility rooms with washing machines and tumble driers.
  • Dishwashing and washing facilities as well as microwave ovens
  • Disposal facilities for cassettes 

Happy guests - our most important objective

The Initiative ServiceQuality Germany in the Saarland exists since March 2008. Our campsite was awarded as one of the first businesses in the Saarland with the quality seal of the "ServiceQuality Germany" - Stage I.

The primary aim of the quality initiative is to warrant a permanent and continuous improvement of the service quality in the entire service area of tourism via assurance of the service quality.

We do not leave quality to chance and have undergone a special check of the service procedures. We design the service quality according to the wishes of our guests. That is how we are able to improve. Every one of our employees is your contact person for suggestions for improvement. We understand ourselves to be a quality team and work together to achieve first class service and a high degree of satisfaction of guests and employees.

Prices Bostalsee Camping rates 2020

All Prices in Euro.

  • All-year-round pitch (1.4.-31.3.) 1.200,00 Euro
  • Seasonal pitch (1.4.-30.9.) 905,00 Euro
  • Seasonal pitch (1.10-31.3.) 488,00 Euro

Caravan/dormobile pitch incl. persons, electricity, water and waste water (not available to the full extent in the off-season); WLAN available 

Low season (01.11.-31.03.)

  • Per overnight stay: 25,90 Euro
  • Per month (exclusiv electricity): 320,00 Euro

Mid season (01.04.-19.05. and 01.09.-31.10.)

  • Per overnight stay: 32,50 Euro
  • From 15 overnight stays: 30,50 Euro
  • Per month (exclusiv electricity): 415,00 Euro

High season (20.05.-31.08.)

  • Per overnight stay: 37,50 Euro
  • From 15 overnight stays: 35,50 Euro

"Late Check-Out" until 16:00 o'clock: 8,00 Euro


Caravan/dormobile pitch incl. persons and electricity

Low season (01.11.-31.03.)

  • Per overnight stay: 20,80 Euro
  • Per month (exclusiv electricity): 269,00 Euro

Mid season (01.04.-19.05. and 01.09.-31.10.)

  • Per overnight stay: 27,40 Euro
  • From 15 overnight stays: 25,40 Euro
  • Per month (exclusiv electricity): 350,00 Euro 

High season (20.05.-31.08.)

  • Per overnight stay 33,50: Euro
  • From 15 overnight stays: 30,50 Euro

"Late Check-Out" until 16:00 o'clock: 8,00 Euro

Tent pitch per overnight stay

  • Igloo tent (up to 2 people) 7,30
  • Small and family tent (3 to 6 people) 9,30
  • Group tent (up to 10 people) 13,50
  • Gazebo tent 9,30
  • Large-capacity tent (more than 10 people) 18,70

Overnight stay per person 

  • Adults (from 18 years) 7,30
  • Children and young persons (from 6 years) 5,30
  • Flat rate for families 15,50
  • Young people in private youth groups 4,70

Security deposit for groups

  • up to 10 people: 50,00 Euro
  • more than 10 people: 80,00 Euro

Advance payment

  • up to 10 people: 50,00 Euro
  • more than 10 people: 80,00 Euro

"Late Check-Out" until 16:00 o'clock: 8,00 Euro per tent

Caravans for hire ( incl. cleaning and camping gas), from 2 night stay

Low season (01.11. - 31.03.)

  • Caravan for hire till 3 days ( per night, only march): 42,60 euros
  • Caravan for hire 4 - 7 days (per night, only march): 37,50 euros
  • Caravan for hire longer than 8 days (per night, only march): 34,50 euros

Mid season (01.04. - 19.05. and 01.09. - 31.10.)

  • Caravan for hire till 3 days (per night): 53,70 euros
  • Caravan for hire 4 - 7 days (per night): 49,70 euros
  • Caravan for hire longer than 8 days (per night): 45,60 euros

High season (20.05.- 31.08.)

  • Caravan for hire till 3 days (per night): 64,90 euros
  • Caravan for hire 4 - 7 days (per night): 59,80 euros
  • Caravan for hire longer than 8 days (per night): 54,80 euros

Deposit for rented caravan: 100,00 euros.


Fairy tale houses

June, july, august, summer holidays in Saarland and extended Holiday weekends:

106,00 euros per night weekend (including electricity, gas, water, cleaning)

102,00 euros per night midweek (including electricity, gas, water, cleaning)

99,00 euros per night for 7 days and more (including electricity, gas, water, cleaning)

Mai, september and other holidays in Saarland:

86,00 euros per night Weekend (including electricity, gas, water, cleaning)

82,50 euros per night midweek (including electricity, gas, water, cleaning)

79,00 euros per night for 7 days and more (including electricity, gas, water, cleaning)

October to april:

65,00 euros per night (including electricity, gas, water,, cleaning)

62,00 euros per night (including electricity, gas, water, cleaning)

59,00 euros per night for 7 days and more (including electricity, gas, water, cleaning)

Deposit fairy tale house: 100,00 euros



  • one overnight stay on parking spaces P1 - P5: 8,00 Euro
  • one overnight stay on parking space Campingplatz P6: 12,00 Euro
  • campervan season ticket (15.03. - 15.10.): 100,00 Euro


  • for all-year-round and saesonal pitch per kwh: 0,60 Euro
  • for tent camper per night (by request): 2,00 Euro

Family bathroom in the new sanitary facilitys building S3

  • Low season (1.11.-31.3.) per day 5,30 Euro
  • Mid season (1.4.-19.5. and 1.9.-31.10.) per day 6,30 Euro
  • High season (20.05.-31.8.) per day 7,30 Euro
  • Key to the family bathroom (security deposit) 25,00 Euro
  • Washing machine/tumble drier, per token 4,00 Euro

Fee for dogs

  • Touring pitch, per day 4,10 Euro
  • All-year-round pitch per year 67,00 Euro
  • Seasonal pitch, per season 51,00 Euro

Crazy golf

  • Adults 1,70 Euro
  • Children and young persons (>6 years) 1,20 Euro

Transponder card/Waste disposal

  • Transponder card for the barrier (security deposit) 25,00
  • Waste disposal station 1,00


  • for camping guests: 9,30 Euro
  • for other people: 11,50 Euro

Fee for external visitors

  • Children/Teenagers (>6 years) per day: 1,60 Euro
  • Adults per day: 2,60 Euro

Keine touristischen Übernachtungen auf dem Campingplatz Bostalsee ab 02.11.2020 möglich

Liebe Campinggäste, aufgrund der aktuellen Beschlüsse vom gestrigen Tag werden ab Montag, den 02.11.2020, keine touristischen Übernachtungen auf dem Campingplatz Bostalsee im Monat November möglich sein. Sollten Sie eine...[more]


Letzter Öffnungstag der Filiale Bäckerei Gillen am Campingplatz am 25.10.2020

Liebe Gäste, am Sonntag, den 25.10.2020, hat die Filiale der Bäckerei Gillen am Campingplatz den letzten Tag für diese Saison geöffnet. Wir informieren Sie dann rechtzeitig über die Öffnungszeiten im Jahr 2021. [more]


Saisonende Bootsverleih Bosener Seeseite am Sonntag, 25.10.2020

Liebe Gäste, am Sonntag, den 25.10., ist der Tretbootverleih auf der Bosener Seeseite den letzten Tag für diese Saison geöffnet. Für unsere Wassersportler endet die diesjährige Saison am 31.10.2020. Wir danken allen unseren...[more]


Halloween Special in den Märchenhäusern

Sie haben noch nichts geplant für Halloween? Erleben Sie ein gruseliges Wochenende auf unserem Campingplatz Bostalsee! Wir bieten Ihnen ein tolles Halloween Special für unsere Märchenhäuser an: 2 Übernachtungen im...[more]


Ende der Badesaison 2020

Liebe Gäste, am Sonntag, den 20.09.2020, werden wir die diesjährige Badesaison beenden. Ab dem 21.09.2020 schließen die beiden Strandbäder in Bosen und Gonnesweiler. Wir bedanken uns bei allen Gästen für den diesjährigen...[more]


Neue Panoramacam am Bostalsee

Liebe Gäste, unsere neue Panoramakamera ist online, mit einen noch besseren Überblick über unseren schönen Bostalsee. Neben tollen Panoramabildern liefert die Panoramacam auch Informationen zum aktuellen Wetter,...[more]


Sanitäranlagen auf dem Campinglatz ab 20.05.2020 wieder inklusive der Nassbereiche geöffnet

Liebe Campinggäste, nach der Erarbeitung eines Konzeptes, stehen ab dem 20.05.2020 auch die Nassbereiche in unseren Sanitärgebäuden wieder zur Vefügung. Es gelten natürlich besondere Hygienemaßnahmen und die...[more]


Zahlungsmodalitäten Campingplatz

Liebe Gäste, wir möchten Sie darüber informieren, dass die Zahlung der Übernachtungsgebühren sowie eventueller Kautionen bereits bei der Anreise fällig wird und bei Ihrer Anmeldung in der Rezeption erhoben wird. Die Zahlung...[more]


Kostenloses Wlan auf dem Campingplatz verfügbar

Liebe Gäste, wir freuen uns Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass wir jetzt Wlan auf unserem Campingplatz verfügbar haben! Premiumzugänge sind über das Portal von buchbar bzw. als Tickets mit Zugangscode in der...[more]


The camp site is open all year round.


Telephone +49 6851 801 8050

Fax +49 6851 801 8055

Calculate route

02.01.-01.04.: 10-16h
Saturday, Sunday
02.01.-29.02.: 10-13h
Saturday, Sunday
01.03.-29.03.: 10-16h
02.04.-02.05.: 8-20h
03.05.-19.05.: 8-19h
20.05.-29.06.: 8-20h

30.06. - 31.08.: 9 - 19h
01.09.-03.10.: 8-18:30h

04.10.-24.10.: 9-17h
25.10.-31.10.: 10-16h

Saturday, Sunday
04.10.-31.10.: 10-16h


01.11.-31.12.: 10-13h

Saturday, sunday and holidays

01.11.-31.12.: 10-13 h

Break (02.04.-03.10.):
13:30-14:30 h
Break (04.10.-24.03.:
13:00-13:30 h

Please note that arrivals on the site are not possible from 13:00 to 15:00h
During the holiday season, we would ask you to reserve your pitch well in advance.

Low season NS

1.11. - 31.3.

Mid season ZS

1.4. - 27.5. und 1.9. - 31.10.

High season HS

28.5. - 31.8.


Book your holiday safely – Cancel without any risk
We recommend the products from our partner ERGO Reiseversicherung AG to cover any financial losses caused by cancellation or interruption of your holiday caused by illness, accident or unemployment – even within your family.

Prepare now and take out travel insurance


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