Nordic Walking in the region of Sankt Wendel

The region of Sankt Wendel has the ideal prerequisites for active recuperation: clean air, light to intermediate inclines and descents on the routes and above all beautiful scenery. In this manner, in the region of Sankt Wendel at total 8 Nordic Walking Parks have been created with over 190 km of signposted paths.

Nordic Walking is a dynamic type of walking with specially designed poles. The movement is identical to the one used for cross country skiing. The sport stems from Finland and is a training method used by cross country skiers and biathletes during the summer months. A multitude of positive training effects make Nordic Walking the ideal endurance sports for health conscious people of all ages. Nordic Walking is easily and quickly learnt. Thanks to the poles, the locomotory system is, in comparison to jogging or normal walking, remains largely without burden. In total 90 percent of all muscles of the body are used for Nordic Walking! Next to no other sport can show such a positive effect for its training. Apart from the leg muscles, the entire upper body and especially the shoulder and neck area become well trained. By using the poles the joints are spared so that this sport is also available to people with problems in the knee or back area. Regular breathing improves the oxygen supply in the body, which improves the heart and blood circulation performance. After only 30 minutes of training the body releases endorphins, so called “happiness hormones”, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system. This improves the condition, the resistance and vitality. If you would like to reduce your weight, you will find Nordic Walking an ideal outdoor training that burns nearly twice as many calories as normal walking without poles. Before starting a short warm-up training is recommended. 


Die Nordic Walking Strecken sind für Sie ausgeschildert und nach Schwierigkeitsgraden differenziert. Zur Abschätzung der Leistungsstufe sind die Wege in verschiedenen Farben gekennzeichnet, wie die Skipisten auch.

Die Nordic Walking Parks in der Übersicht

Flyer Nordic Walking und Jogging

Hier finden Sie unseren Flyer "Nordic Walking und Jogging im Sankt Wendeler Land" zum Download.

Info boards

Each starting point has an info boards  with a map section, which has the routes marked and described. The height profile of every route signifies the inclines and descents of the route.