Circular trails around Lake Bostalsee

The family-friendly circular trails with routes ranging from 3 to 17 km long run through the natural landscape around Lake Bostalsee. For example, you can enjoy splendid views on the Lake Bostalsee panoramic trail (6.5 km), while the Bosiland play path (7.2 km) takes you past several playgrounds. If following in the footsteps of Saint Willibrord, you can also hike along the path that is his namesake. More athletically inclined hikers can combine all routes to enjoy the great circular hiking trail (17 km).

Length: 3.3 km , easy,

The  Bosen orchard path, a small circular trail, starts off from the village square in Bosen and runs along the Bosbachstraße, Bostalstraße and Brückenstraße. Leaving the village, the view quickly expands to reveal a green meadow valley with vast fields of orchards. Once you have reached a small hilltop, you leave the road to follow a small path through the orchards.

From there, you can...

Length: 7.2 km , easy,

Bosiland play path is especially suitable for families with children, as it runs past several playgrounds and is also easily accessible for prams. Through forests and meadows alternating between slightly uphill and downhill stretches, this path takes you past pastures and some of the beautiful viewpoints around Lake Bostalsee.

Several playgrounds, such as the Neunkirchen/Nahe Leisure...

Length: 6.5 km , moderate to hard,

Lake Bostalsee panoramic trail boasts a wonderful panoramic view of the lake several times over. While on the move, you can enjoy the view of the hilly landscape of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park with Mounts Diegelsberg, Steiners, Peterberg and Prießberg in the background.

The trail runs through the Center Parcs Park Bostalsee, which opened in 2013. At the upper roundabout, a wonderful...

Length: 17 km , moderate to hard,

The great circular hiking trail, which is 17 km long, includes all the circular hiking trails around Lake Bostalsee. The dam wall at Lake Bostalsee or the leisure park in Neunkirchen are perfect places to start this hike.

Experienced hikers can also opt for a day-long hike past Lake Bostalsee and over the forest-covered hills around Bosen, Eckelhausen, Gonnesweiler and Neunkirchen. This...

Length: 9.4 km , easy,

The Nahe-Auen trail begins at the central building of the Center Parcs Park Bostalsee. One partial route leads via the circular lake trail along the banks of Lake Bostalsee. It then crosses through meadowlands to reach the nearby Elsenberg Mill. A brief uphill jaunt over Mount Silberberg leads to the scenic hunting lodge of Bocksborn.

You then pass the Chapel of Saint John of Nepomuk and...

Length: 7.3 km , moderate,

As the name might suggest, the forest experience trail takes you through the forests around Bosen and through various forest formations. Running between forests and meadows, it allows hikers to get up close and personal with the forest-covered landscape in Sankt Wendel County.

You can discover various tree species on the trail. At the “Kallenborn” rest area, you can stop for a break and...

Length: 9.6 km , moderate,

The pilgrimage trail of St. Willibrord gets its name from the pilgrimage taken to honour Saint Willibrord from Echternach from the 15th-century to the beginning of the 20th century. Today’s protestant church on Willibrordstraße was the destination of devotees whose children were suffering favus on their head.

The trail begins by leading you through a small wood up to Steiners, where the...


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