Panoramaweg Sankt Wendeler Land

  • St. Wendel – Ostertal – Oberkirchen – Freisen – Nohfelden – Bostalsee – Nonnweiler – Braunshausen – Selbach – Theley – Tholey – Marpingen – St. Wendel

  • 126.7 km

  • moderate to hard

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You will find pure enjoyment of landscape and nature on the almost 127-kilometre-long Sankt Wendel County panoramic trail, situated in Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park. A diverse low mountain landscape with a delightful alternation between forest-covered hills and an open cultural landscape as well as impressive viewpoints and many small gems await you on the individual day stages. Since this is a circular route, you can choose the day stages according to your wishes and needs. Our suggested stages are based on the overnight accommodation options available.

1st stage (St. Wendel – Oberkirchen, approx. 24 km)
This stage starts in the district town of St. Wendel, which is towered over by the Basilica of St. Wendelin. The church was built in the late Gothic style and dates back to the 15th century. The hike starts at the Schlossplatz in St. Wendel and runs past the St. Wendelin Chapel – where the blessing of horses takes place every Pentecost – and continues on to the Mission House, which houses the Mission and Ethnographic Museum. At the Wendelinushof working farm, you can enjoy your first break. Great views of the scenic Ostertal valley constantly open up along the trail. On the final kilometres of this stage, you will reach your destination of Oberkirchen with the Mineralogical Museum and Weiselberg pool via the viaduct. After this somewhat strenuous leg, the barefoot path at the Weiselberg pool offers a natural reflexive massage for tired legs and feet.

2nd stage (Oberkirchen – Bostalsee, approx. 24 km)
This stage starts at the Weiselberg pool in Oberkirchen. It runs slightly uphill to Freisen, towards Wolfersweiler, via the 529-metre-high Mount Falkenberg with its splendid views. We will then find ourselves directly at the border to Rhineland-Palatinate. Continuing past the “Airfield for Model Airplanes”, you will reach Walhausen. A short distance away from the path, you will find the historical Hinkelstein, a cult stone dating back to Celtic times and one of three of its kind in Saarland. The trail runs past the Elzenberg Mill. On the last few metres, you cross the river Nahe, which is still quite small, to meet the circular trail around Lake Bostalsee behind the Römerhof restaurant. You can follow this trail as far as the Tourist Information Office to reach this stage’s destination. Then you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the largest recreational lake in southwest Germany and finish the day on the beach or on the lake promenade.

3rd stage (Bostalsee – Nonnweiler, approx. 21 km)
The 21-kilometre-long stage starts at the Tourist Information Office at Lake Bostalsee. It follows the circular lake path for a short while past the Bosener Mühle Arts Centre and leaves the path towards Eckelhausen. You hike through Eckelhausen via the Priesberg as far as Sötern and Eisen, where the Lake Bostalsee golf course is located. Along the former barite mine and the foot of the 624-metre-high Mount Weißelfels, the foothills of the Hunsrück can clearly be seen. You will soon come across the stone walls of the Celtic Ring Wall. The structure, known locally as the “Hunnenring”, was created by Celtic Treveri around 60 B.C. to protect against the Romans and today is still 12 m high around its northern wall. A visit here, where you can enjoy a great view as well as find out some historical information, pays off in every regard. At the foot of the ring wall, you will find the Celtic Park Otzenhausen Outdoor Museum, a village modelled after historical Celtic villages featuring 10 houses and a wooden palisade.
The Talsperre Nonnweiler dam and water reservoir holds 20 million cubic metres of water. The 12-kilometre-long circular path features delightful landscapes as well as a planetary hiking trail, which forms part of the path around the lake. Along a distance of 5.6 km, the planets of our solar system are displayed and explained in an impressive way as scaled models (1:1 billion). Once at the dam, you then hike towards Nonnweiler, where St. Hubert’s Cathedral, the destination of today’s hike, is located. You can then visit St. Hubert’s Cathedral, which was a pilgrimage church for people who were promised healing through cauterising their wounds with “St. Hubert’s Key”.

4th stage (Nonnweiler – Tholey, approx. 23.5 km)
Today’s hike starts out at the town hall in Nonnweiler. First, it runs through Mariahütte, continues on past Spillert and then heads to the Gommsmühle restaurant. In Braunshausen, the path leads up to the 584-metre-high Mount Peterberg, one of the highest elevations in Saarland. Before beginning the challenging ascent, you can briefly pause the hike and enjoy a break at the Peterberg Leisure Centre with the summer toboggan run and slide paradise. This summer toboggan run is one of the longest tracks in Germany, featuring a height difference of 150 m and a distance of 1,000 m.

From the Peterberg Chapel, the next stretch of the route boasts very attractive landscapes with wonderful views of Sankt Wendel County. Soon, we will reach the source of the Nahe near Selbach. The Nahe river starts its journey in a scenic way in the forest until it finally flows out into the Rhine in Bingen. Not far from the source, there is a small open-air game enclosure with ducks, geese, peacocks, goats and deer, which is freely accessible all year round.
Here, there is also an adventure playground and the child-friendly premium hiking trail “Nahequellepfad”.
You continue hiking on a forest path to the Hofgut Imsbach estate and its wonderful pond facility. Today, the estate, which enjoyed its heyday in the Napolean era at the beginning of the 19th century, is a landscape park with building complex. You can stop for a break inside the estate or a few metres further at the Johann-Adams-Mühle restaurant. The mill building dates back to the year 1735 and is home to a must-see local history museum. Inside its 200-year-old baking oven, bread is still baked on a regular basis. The trail continues via Theley and Mount Schaumberg (573 m) towards Tholey.

5th stage (Tholey – Marpingen, approx. 15 km)
The 5th stage starts in the car park of the Herzweg trail at Mount Schaumberg in Tholey. At a height of 560 m, you hike past the Africa Chapel and can enjoy wonderful views as far as the Hunsrück mountains and into western Saarland. In Bergweiler, it is worth paying a visit to the Blasius Chapel, which was built in the 13th century and was the pilgrimage church of Tholey abbey. We pass the “Wortsegel” steel sculpture by Heinrich Popp.

At the foot of Mount Himmelsberg, the trail continues past a pond facility and through the Engscheider forest. Through scenic forest and meadow paths with an excellent view of Mount Schaumberg and Tholey, you will reach Marpingen with its glider airfield. The destination of this stage is the Härtelwald Marian Worship Site. This pilgrimage site with its fountain attracts thousands of visitors every year.

6th stage (Marpingen – St. Wendel, approx. 19.5 km)
This stage starts at the Härtelwald Marian Worship Site. Hiking via Peterhof and Keltenhof, you will come to Rheinstraße, a former Roman road that leads from Metz to Trier. You follow this for a short while and hike through the Leienwald forest and stunning natural landscapes towards Winterbach. At the Harschberg Hof farm, you cross the street and follow the circular trail of Wendelinus Park with its golf course. The path continues through Alsfassen and further on to St. Wendel to the pedestrian zone, where the Sankt Wendel County panoramic trail starts and ends. Directly in the city centre, you can visit the Basilica of St. Wendelin after a tiring day or enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the old town in one of the roadside cafés.


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Sei es bei einer Wanderung auf einem der ausgezeichneten Wanderwege, bei einer Radtour auf einer der vielen Rundtouren mit dem Rennrad oder dem Mountainbike, bei einer Partie Golf in einem der beiden Golfparks, bei einem Segelkurs auf dem Bostalsee oder bei einer Runde Bogenschießen auf einem der beiden Bogensport-Parcours.

Im Sankt Wendeler Land ist für jeden das Richtige dabei. Entdecken Sie die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten!

Sport- und Freizeitaktivitäten im Gästehaus Braunshausen

Das "Gästehaus Braunshausen" inspiriert seine Gäste durch nahezu perfekte Natur am Fuße des Peterbergs sowie zahlreiche Sport- und Freizeitaktivitäten.

Es ist idealer Ausgangspunkt für Wanderungen und Ausflüge in der Region, ergänzt mit regionaltypischer "à la carte-Küche" und qualitativ hochwertigen Buffetangeboten für Freizeitgruppen. Gerne organisieren wir für Sie betreute Erlebniswanderungen und Ausflüge in der Großregion Saar-Lor-Lux.

Vereinen bieten wir zahlreiche Sport- und Freizeiteinrichtungen.


  • vier Übernachtungen mit Frühstücksbuffet
  • drei Abendbuffets
  • ein Drei-Gänge-Schlemmermenü
  • inklusive kostenfreies Parken, Sauna, Boule

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Aktiv die Natur im Sankt Wendeler Land genießen!

Sei es bei einer Wanderung auf einem der ausgezeichneten Wanderwege, bei einer Radtour auf einer der vielen Rundtouren mit dem Rennrad oder dem Mountainbike, bei einer Partie Golf in einem der beiden Golfparks, bei einem Segelkurs auf dem Bostalsee oder bei einer Runde Bogenschießen auf einem der beiden Bogensport-Parcours.

Im Sankt Wendeler Land ist für jeden das Richtige dabei. Entdecken Sie die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten!

Merker's Premium-Wandertage

Ein ganzes Paket voller Genüsse! Wandern auf ausgezeichneten Premiumwegen bietet ein intensives Erlebnis in der Natur mit gesunder Luft und harmonischer Stille.

Der Tiefenbach-Pfad bei St. Wendel bietet herrliche Aussichten und sorgt mit Kleinoden am Wegesrand immer wieder für Überraschungen. Der Rötelsteinpfad bei Güdesweiler erinnert an die alte Tradition des Rötelgrabens und Rötelhandels. Unterwegs trifft man auf einige interessante Erklärungen dazu und auch auf die schöne Talaue der jungen Nahe. Der Bärenpfad in Nohfelden bietet unberührte Natur pur. Genuss bereitet auch ein leckeres Schlemmermenü zum Ausklang eines erlebnisreichen Tages.


  • drei Übernachtungen mit reichhaltigem Frühstück vom Buffet
  • drei exzellente Vier-Gänge-Schlemmermenüs
  • zwei Lunchpakete
  • eine Wanderkarte

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"Natur Pur" - Wandertage

In herrlicher Alleinlage im Naturpark Saar-Hunsrück begrüßt Sie das Hofgut Imsbach.

Sie wohnen mit der Natur als Kulisse im historischen Ambiente und finden den direkten Einstieg in den Offizierspfad.

Nach Ihrer Wanderung und nach wunderbaren Einblicken in die Natur des nördlichen Saarlandes genießen Sie unsere ehrliche, regionale Küche - mit Produkten direkt aus der Natur - denn so schmeckt unsere Heimat!


  • zwei Übernachtungen mit leckerem Landfrühstück
  • zwei Drei-Gänge-Menüs aus unserer Heimatküche
  • Wanderkarten und Tipps von unserem Team
  • Naturkundeführung durch den Landschaftspark Imsbach

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Weitere Angebote oder Verlängerungstage auf Anfrage. Auch für Gruppen sehr geeignet.

Nur wenige Minuten vom Freizeitzentrum Bostalsee entfernt.


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