Cycling in Sankt Wendel county

Here it is simply fun to cycle! Although in our hilly countryside it is not always without a bit of effort - a well signposted cycle path network, routing off the roads, and with many connections and possibilities to take a short cut, ensure cycling is pure fun.

You are looking for a family-friendly tour on flat ground? Or much rather a more challenging day tour with a few stretches with steep inclines and descents? Are you a mountain biker and keen to test your stamina on circular tours where top professionals like Mike Kluge, Sabine Spitz and Hanka Kupfernagel have gained their world champion titles? Then you are perfectly placed in the region of Sankt Wendel

In our list of accommodation you will find our selection for cyclists - suited Bed- and Bike-facilities, one of which is our 5-Star campsite Bostalsee.

The tight network of 300 kilometres allows for individual tour planning and route combination depending on your condition and the available time.
The signposting in Sankt Wendel county and entire Saarland is consistent, so there are no problems with orientation. Along the stretches information boards are provided, which provide you information about the surrounding area and height profile of the next stretches.

In the region of Sankt Wendel you can try a new kind of biking experience. With a eVelo, a bike with a soundless electric motor, you can easily reach the heights of the Saarland. The electric motor will multiply the power of your muscles, it is individually adjustable to your fitness level. The rental stations in our region are part of a network of rental stations and battery changing facilities all throughout the region.